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Her Whole Life Was A Lie Part 2

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Ann, Sharon, and Bee took Jesse to a Mexican restaurant, ensuring she ordered her meal and beverage before initiating their planned intervention. Jesse has a history of conveniently "forgetting her wallet" or being "locked out" of her payment apps, so they'd already decided not to foot any of her bill. If she attempted to leave without paying, their plan was to inform the restaurant management. She was also expected to bring Ann's shorts and repay Ann $50 for Barbenheimer tickets and group drinks.

Once she sat down, Jesse started venting about her terrible workday, detailing how she'd messed up company finances. They all listened with poker faces, which was incredibly hard because they knew her story was fabricated. After ordering their meals, Ann locked eyes with Bee and Sharon, then activated the voice memo function on her phone and placed it face down on the table.

The intervention commenced with Ann inviting Jesse to come clean about her fabrications. She played dumb, so Ann presented her with a screenshot of a blueprint she'd falsely claimed was her work. She initially attempted to evade the issue but eventually conceded that it was from NASA. At this point, Ann cut her off and corrected her. The rest of the conversation spiraled into her stubbornly doubling down on lies, with Sharon, Bee, and Ann continually correcting her.

They spent a total of three hours at the restaurant, two of which were recorded. Their conversation covered

  • Her failed explanation about misleading "Find My Friends" locations.

  • Unsubstantiated claims about a family farm sold for cancer treatments.

  • Inconsistencies about her supposed job and qualifications.

  • An admission that her mom never attempted self-harm but was "simply sad."

  • Confession that Jesse had relapsed into drug use, which accounted for some—but not all—of her deceit and thefts around their apartment.

Although they empathized with her struggles (both Ann's sister and ex were addicted to drugs), they did not see it as justification for her manipulation. She did eventually admit to some truths, but not all. They're planning to reach out to her family to discuss her well-being.

Jesse did pay for her food but didn't have any extra to pay Ann the $50 she owes her.

After the intervention, they gave her until midnight to tell Calvin, a mutual friend she’s interested in romantically, and their larger friend circle the truth. She failed on both counts, prompting them to expose her through a group chat message, complete with evidence. She continues to weave lies to make them appear as the villains to uninformed friends. Ann still hasn't received her $50; she plans to confront her about it in person at her upcoming restaurant shift, as she’s been ignoring Ann's daily reminders.


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